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Altar with inscription of Bingen

The monument was dedicated by two brothers, one of them being the Pater of his community.
Museum am Strom, Bingen

Museum am Strom, Bingen
Bingen in Rheinhessen 

The New Mithraeum
10 Mar 2022
Updated on Nov 2022

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Altar (H. 1.24 Br. 0.70 D. 0.43) in sandstone. Bingen, Museum. Inv. No. 2465.

In h(onorem) d(omus) d(ivinae) / deo invicto / Mytrhe (sic!) ara/m ex voto dei / de suo impen/dio instituer(unt) / A(ulus) Gratius Iuven/is pater sacroru/m et A(ulus) Gratius Po/tens m(iles) l(egionis) XXII mat/rica[ri]us fratres / dedic[aver]unt co(n)s(ule) Afri(cano).

l.4: ex voto dei is a correction of et templum. Traces of red colour.
l.7: Iuven(is) correction of Ioven(is). The gentilicium Gratius in CIL XIII, 7083.
l.10: matricarius is in Behrens' opinion connected with the Mithras community and not