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Altar of Benifayó

This altar found in Benifaió, València, was erected by a slave called Lucanus.
Altar from Benifaió.

Altar from Benifaió.
Hispania Epigraphica 

The New Mithraeum
16 Mar 2022
Updated on Oct 2022

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It bears an inscription on its front face. It was discovered by chance in 1922 in front of a trough fed by a spring known as Font de Mussa, which has now disappeared. The fountain was located about 1 km from Benifaió, 22 km south of Valencia, in the western part of the Albufera plains.

Unconquered / Mithrae / Lucanus / Ser(vus).

To the Invictus Mithras the slave Lucanus.

Clauss (1992, p. 75), siguiendo a García y Bellido, indica que el altar fue hallado junto con fragmentos arquitectónicos que deberían corresponder a los restos del edificio del mitreo.