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Altar to Mithras at the Walters Art Museum

This altar bears an inscription to the health of the emperor Commodus by a certain Marcus Aurelius, his father and two other fellows.
Votive Altar to Mithras

Votive Altar to Mithras
The Walters Art Museum (CC 0) 

The New Mithraeum
30 Oct 2022
Updated on May 2023

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Basis marmorea. Trans Tiberim apud Aemilium pontem in ripa.

Soli invicto / Mithrae / pro salute Commodi / Antonini Aug(usti) domini n(ostri) /
M. Aurel(ius) Stertinius / Carpus una cum Carpo / proc(uratore) k(astrensi) patre et Her/mioneo et Balbino fratribus v(otum) s(olvit) f(eliciter).

176-192 A.D.CIL VI 727; MMM II No. 34.This altar was dedicated to the god Mithras for the health of the emperor Commodus by Marcus Aurelius Stertinius Carpus and his father Carpus, along with Hermioneus and Balbinus. The inscription was first recorded by Stephanus Pighius (1520-1604) in the late 16th