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Marcus Aurelius Stertinius Carpus

He was a plebeian citizen who dedicated a monument to the Unconquerable Sun, Mithras.

  • Votive Altar to Mithras

    Votive Altar to Mithras
    The Walters Art Museum (CC 0) 

of Marcus Aurelius Stertinius Carpus

  • Marcus Aurelius Stertinius Carpus was a brother.
  • Active c. 176 – 192 in Roma, Latium (Italia).

TNMP 167

Marcus Aurelius Stertinius, whose father was procurator of a Roman camp, dedicated a monument to Sol Invictus Mithras along with his father and two of his brothers in arms, Hermioneus and Balbinus. His name, Marcus Aurelius, suggests that a member of the Severan dynasty had granted him Roman citizenship.

The gens Stertinia was a plebeian family of ancient Rome. It first rose to prominence at the time of the Second Punic War, and although none of its members attained the consulship in the time of the Republic, a number of Stertinii were so honoured in the course of the first two centuries of the Empire.


Altar to Mithras at the Walters Art Museum

This altar bears an inscription to the health of the emperor Commodus by a certain Marcus Aurelius, his father and two other fellows.

TNMM 542

Soli Invicto / Mithrae / pro salute Commod(i) / Antonini Aug(usti) domin(i) n(ostri) / M(arcus) Aurel(ius) Stertinius / Carpus una cum Carpo / proc(uratore) k(astrensi) patre et Her/mioneo et Balbino / fratribus / v(otum) s(olvit) f(eliciter)
To the Unconquerable Sun, Mithras, for the health of our lord Commodus Antoninus Augustus, Marcus Aurelius Stertinius Carpus, together with his father Carpus the procurator castrensis, and his brothers Hermioneus and Balbinus, happily fulfilled the vow



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