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Base of statue from Mérida

This lost monument bears an inscription to Cautes by a certain Tiberius Claudius Artemidorus.
The New Mithraeum
9 Nov 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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Base of a statue.
CIL II 464; MMM II No. 512.
Caute / Tib(erius) CI(audius) / Artemidoru[s] / p(ater?).

p(ater): or simple P(osuit).

It was in the private courtyard of a house in calle Ávalos (known as the Falange during the Franco dictatorship), accessible from calle Mirabeles (Romero Leal during the Franco dictatorship). It has not been seen since Hübner's message and its whereabouts are unknown.

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