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Mithraeum V of Ptuj

Part of the finds from the fifth Mithraeum of Ptuj is kept in the Hotel Mitra in the modern city.
The New Mithraeum
12 Nov 2022

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The fifth mithraeum of Ptuj was discovered in 1987 by Stanko Gojkovič and Ivan Tušek, respectively a restorer and conservator from the Institution for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Maribor, during construction work in the vicinity of a boarding house for secondary school students in Ptuj, corresponding to the artisans’ district in the eastern part of Roman Poetovio (Tušek, 1990).See alsoMithraeum I of PtujMithraeum II of PtujMithraeum III of Ptuj

Related monuments

Mithraeum III of Ptuj

Mithraeum III in Ptuj was built in two periods: the original walls were made of pebbles, while the extension of a later period was made of brick.

Mithraeum I of Ptuj

The Mithraeum I of Ptuj contains the foundation, altars, reliefs and cult imagery found in it.

Mithraeum II of Ptuj

Mithraeum II was found at Ptuj at a distance of 20 m south of the Mithraeum I in 1901.