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Inscription of Victorinus from Tibur

This tabula marmorea was consecrated by a certain slave Vitorinus in Tibur, nowadays Tivoli, near Rome.
The New Mithraeum
17 Nov 2022

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Tabula marmorea. In agro Tiburtino, prope villam Hadrianam.

Soli invicto Mithrae / sicuti ipse se in visu / iussit refici / Victorinus Caes(aris) n(ostri) / verna dispensator / numini praesenti suis inpendis reficiendum / curavit dedicavitque. / Nama cunctis.

In the 1. lower corner:
[A]ntistitae (sic) / ... lio Magno.

As Cumont remarked the name of Victorinus is so common that it is not justifiable to place this inscription at the end of the second century A.D. on the analogy of No. 527. (Chabouillet in RA I, 1866,322).CIL XIV 3567; MMM II No. 144.The sanctuary to which this inscript…