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Slave of the imperial family and dispensator who repaired an image of Mithras in Tibur, near Rome.

of Victorinus

TNMP 185

Victorinus (96) was a home-born slave of the Imperial family (verna Caesaris nostri) and was employed as dispensator, that is an intermediate clerical grade identifying the head of often more than one department within the household.

—Carlsen (1995)

The sanctuary to which this inscription belongs has not been found. However, it is possible that the Mithraic group of Tivoli, possibly connected to the imperial estate of Villa Adriana – since Victorinus is an imperial steward – may have originated in part from the capital.

—Bricault; Roy (2021)


Inscription of Victorinus from Tibur

This tabula marmorea was consecrated by a certain slave Vitorinus in Tibur, nowadays Tivoli, near Rome.

TNMM 569

Soli invicto Mithrae. / Sicuti ipse se in visu / iussit refici / Victorinus Caes(aris) n(ostri) / verna dispensator / numini praesenti suis in/pend(i)s reficiendum / curavit dedicav[itque]. / Nama cunctis / [--- ? a]ntistitae (sic) / [---]lio Magno.
To invincible Sol Mithras. As he ordered him in a vision to repair his image (?). Victorinus, a slave steward of our emperor, undertook his repair for the ever present (praesens) god (numen), at his own expense, and dedicated. Homage to all, [---]lius Magnus being antistes.



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