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Tauroctony of Strasbourg

These fragments of a monumental relief of Mithras killing the bull were put together...
  • Reconstruction after R. Will

    Reconstruction after R. Will 

  • Reconstruction after R. Will

    Reconstruction after R. Will
    Musée de la ville de Strasbourg 

The New Mithraeum
6 Jan 2023
Updated on Aug 2023

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Relief in grey sandstone (H. ± 2.30 Br. 1.80 D. 0.36) in 360 fragments which were found near 8.

Due to Forrer's praiseworthy initiative and hard work the fragments have been pieced together into one relief, but Mr. R. Will's new studies clearly reveal some of its deficiencies. The relief was probably erected in the centre of the sanctuary before the backwall (and not moved slightly northwards) and it was placed on the ground. In Forrer's reconstruction some measures were exaggerated; besides the figures of Hesperus and Phosphorus have been added without sufficient proof. The head of the

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Mithréum of Strasbourg

Lors de la construction de l’église Saint-Paul en 1911, un mithraeum a été mis au jour à Königshoffen, vicus gallo-romain situé aux abords du camp légionnaire de Strasbourg-Argentorate.

Dedication inscription from Koenigshoffen Mithraeum

The inscription reports the restoration of the coloured painting of the main relief of the Mithraeum by a veteran of the Legio VIII Augusta.