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Dedication inscription from Koenigshoffen Mithraeum

The inscription reports the restoration of the coloured painting of the main relief of the Mithraeum by a veteran of the Legio VIII Augusta.
Mithras Weihinschrift Koenigshoffen

Mithras Weihinschrift Koenigshoffen
Wolfgang Sauber 

The New Mithraeum
16 May 2021
Updated on Aug 2023

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This moulded marble plaque was discovered in 1911, along with another that is identical in terms of its contents but has a slightly different layout, in the Mithraeum of the Koenigshoffen quarter of modern Strasbourg, at the site of the vicus canabarum located along the access route to the legionary camp of ancient Argentorate These two plaques, today broken, were originally affixed to one side or the other of the cult relief, which has been found in multiple fragments scattered about the sanctuary. From all the evidence, this Mithraeum was deliberately destroyed before being burned in the

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Lors de la construction de l’église Saint-Paul en 1911, un mithraeum a été mis au jour à Königshoffen, vicus gallo-romain situé aux abords du camp légionnaire de Strasbourg-Argentorate.

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