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Inscription on the base of a statue from Stabiae

This inscription on white marble by Lucius Gavidius uses the term ther cultores to refer to his Mithraic community in Stabiae, Italy.
Mithraic base of Stabiae

Mithraic base of Stabiae

The New Mithraeum
6 Sep 2023

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In the Bay of Naples, the site of Stabiae was a holiday resort for the Romans during the Empire. The town was largely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79, but unlike Pompeii, it was rebuilt. During extension work on the city's cathedral, a block of inscribed white marble was discovered under the sacristy between 1876 and 1879. The stone supported a statue, of which only part of the feet remains, wearing pointed shoes of the oriental type.

Alteration to the right-hand side of the base originally provided only a partial reconstruction of the inscription, in which the name of the…