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Lucius Gavidius

He dedicated to the Emperor, for the worshipers of the god Mithras a sculpture in Stabiae.

  • Mithraic base of Stabiae

    Mithraic base of Stabiae

of Lucius Gavidius

TNMP 194

Lucius Gavidius A. belonged to a Mithraic brotherhood situated in Stabiae, now Castellammare di Stabia in the present province of Naples, Italy. He erected a sculpture, now lost. Its base, however, remains and bears an inscription in which he states that the monument was dedicated to the emperor for his community of worshippers of the god Mithras, whom he called cultores.



Inscription on the base of a statue from Stabiae

TNMM 600

This inscription on white marble by Lucius Gavidius uses the term ther cultores to refer to his Mithraic community in Stabiae, Italy.

Aug(usto) s[a]crum. / L. Gavidius A[…]t[…] / cultoribus dei M[i]thr[ae] / donum d(edit) d(edicavit) li[b(ens) me]r(ito).
Dedicated to the emperor. Lucius Gavidius A[---], for the worshipers (cultores) of the god Mithras, offered and dedicated this gift willingly and deservedly.



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