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Mithraeum of Cirta

An inscription mentioning a speleum decorated by Publilius Ceionius suggests the location of a mithraeum in Cirta, the capital of Numidia.
The New Mithraeum
18 Sep 2023

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Speleum cum [sig]/nis et omamen[tis] / Publilius Ceion[ius] / Caecina Albinu[s v(ir) c(larissimus)].

The sanctuary has not been found.

Publilius Ceionius was a praeses consularis of Numidia under Valentinianus and Valens (364-367).

Referring to this inscription, E. Levi in Rec. Const. XLV, 1911, 265ff observes that there are a great many of caves in the neighbourhood. The inscription was discovered 'à la Kasbah' and he therefore thinks it acceptable, that a possible Mithraeum should have been in the immediate surroundings. There is a supposition, that it might have been a cave,