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Mercury of Groß-Gerau

The statue was dedicated to Mercury Quillenius, an epithet used to refer to a Celtic god or the Greek Kulúvios.
  • Mercury of Groß-Gerau

    Mercury of Groß-Gerau
    CIL_XIII-Projekt Trier 

  • Mercury of Groß-Gerau, lateral.

    Mercury of Groß-Gerau, lateral.
    CIL_XIII-Projekt Trier 

  • Mercury of Groß-Gerau, inscription.

    Mercury of Groß-Gerau, inscription.
    CIL_XIII-Projekt Trier 

The New Mithraeum
20 Sep 2023

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In a mithreum excavated in 1989 at Gross Gerau in the province of Germania Superior, a statue of Mercury still stood in the speleum. The god is seated on a high-backed throne, wearing a winged helmet on his head and holding the caduceus in his left hand. A ram lies at his feet and a full purse can be seen on his right knee. The inscription is engraved on the base of the statue. It is dedicated to Mercury Quillenius, an epithet that could be either a Celtic divine name or the Greek Kulúvios, an epithet of Hermes known to Ampelius (Liber memorialis 9, 5).

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Mithräum von Groß-Gerau

In the Mithraeum of Gross Gerau, discovered in 1989, a statue of Mercury, a lion and an altar were found.