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Mithraeum of Jajce

The remains of the Jajački Mithraeum were discovered accidentally during excavation for the construction of a private house in 1931.
  • Entrance to the Mithras Museum in Jajce

    Entrance to the Mithras Museum in Jajce

  • Tauroctony of Jajce

    Tauroctony of Jajce
    Amir Bašimamović 

The New Mithraeum
2 Jun 2009
Updated on Oct 2023

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Mithraeum discovered at Jajce in Central Bosnia at a distance of about 200 mtrs from the medieval castle on the l. bank of the Pliva and on the territory of H. Mustajberg Kapetanovic. It probably dates from the fourth cent. A.D.

The Mithraeum slopes down to the river and it lies near a well. Only the cultroom proper is preserved at 2.80 mtrs below actual floor level. This room is an irregular quadrangle (L. 7.00) and has its entrance on the east side because a threshold was found here. Remnants of stone steps, probably for the exit, were found in the S-W corner. On the west side is a rocky

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Tauroctony of Jajce

The relief of Mithras killing the bull from the Jajce Mithraeum is walled into the cult niche and surmounted by a roof.

Cautopates of Jajce

Beheaded Cautopates in limestone found on the podium of the Jajce Mithraeum, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Altars of Jajce

Three small limestone altars were found in the Jajce Mithraeum, one of which bears the inscription ’Invicto’.

Larger altars and small finds from Jajce

Three larger altars and other finds from the Mithraeum of Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina.