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Tauroctony of Jajce

The relief of Mithras killing the bull from the Jajce Mithraeum is walled into the cult niche and surmounted by a roof.
Tauroctony of Jajce

Tauroctony of Jajce
Amir Bašimamović 

The New Mithraeum
26 Oct 2023

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Relief (H. 1.68), walled in the cult-niche.

Under a roof, decorated with a leaf ornament, is the usual representation of Mithras as a bullkiller. The bull’s tail ends in three corn-ears. The raven is perched on Mithras’ flying cloak; the serpent creeps over the ground; the dog leaps up against the bull; the scorpion is in the usual place. On either side a torchbearer, not cross-legged. Cautes (r) and Cautopates (l) hold their.torches with two hands. Over their heads there are triangular niches (H. 0.11 Br. 0.08-0.09 D. 0.07-0.09) for lamps. The busts of Sol (l) and Luna (r). The r.h.

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