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Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

This monument, found in the Domus Flavia in Rome, bears an inscription by a certain Aurelius Mithres.
Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

The New Mithraeum
23 Sep 2023

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Cylindrical marble base (h. 33,5 cm l. 24 cm) found in the Domus Flavia on the Palatine in Rome, Antiquarium Palatino inv. 379603. Late 2nd, early 3rd century AD.

[Aurel]ius / Mithres / Aug(usti) l(ibertus) strator / Serapi d(onum) d(edit).

Aurelius Mithres, an imperial freedman and strator, offered this gift to Serapis.

The words Aurelius and l. strator were added after Mithres had been liberated by the emperor.

Strator (στράτωρ) is literally one who keeps, harnesses and cares for a horse for another person.

Aurelius Mithres must have been in the service of an emperor