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Aurelius Mithres

Imperial freedman and strator that offered a monument to Serapis.

  • Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

    Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

of Aurelius Mithres

  • Aurelius Mithres was a brother.
  • Active late 2nd – early 3rd century in Roma, Latium (Italia).

TNMP 207

Aurelius Mithres was a slave of an emperor who released him for his services. He was a strator (στράτωρ), which literally means a person who keeps, harnesses and cares for a horse for another person. He added the words 'Aurelius' and 'l. strator' to the inscription he dedicated to Serapis after he was freed by the emperor.


Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

This monument, found in the Domus Flavia in Rome, bears an inscription by a certain Aurelius Mithres.

TNMM 630

[Aurel]ius / Mithres / Aug(usti) l(ibertus) strator / Serapi d(onum) d(edit).
Aurelius Mithres, an imperial freedman and strator, offered this gift to Serapis.



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