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Altar of Tettius Plotus from Oescus

In the altar that Titus Tettius Plotus dedicated to the invincible God, he called himself pater sacrorum.
The New Mithraeum
24 Sep 2023

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Guardian of the rules, the Pere is the one who celebrates the cult and directs the rites. Pater nomimus, he is also Pater sacrorum, as attested by several inscriptions from different sources.

On an altar in Ulpia Oescus, a town in Moesia Inferior, now near the village of Gigen in Bulgaria, which became a Roman colony under Trajan, a veteran of the Legio IV Flavia Felix, is described in this way. No mithraeum has yet been found at Oescus, but several reliefs of Mithra tauroctone and inscriptions discovered in the 19th century suggest that cults were well established there.

AE 1900, 0015; …