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Inscription to Mithras and Silvanus from Ljubljana

A certain Blastia or Blastianus made a dedication to Mithras and Silvanus on an altar in Emona, Pannonia.
Altar of Emona

Altar of Emona

The New Mithraeum
25 Sep 2023

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Inscription from Emona, in [Italia], apparently copied by an anonymous person from [this] lost altar. It bears a dedication to Mithras and Silvanus. His author is thought to be a certain Blastia, or even a person bearing the name Blastianus, although the end of the text is highly damaged and therefore difficult to interpret.

CIMRM 1463; ILJug 302; ROPR p. 77; FTD-05, p. 123; Selem 1980 (p. 77, with further references); Murgia 2018; Murgia 2019 pp. 307-10; EDR152839 (A. Ragolic)

Note: Although it was assumed formerly that Emona was part of the Pannonia or Illyricum, archaeological fi…