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Blastia dedicated an altar to Mithras and Silvanus in Emona.

  • Altar of Emona

    Altar of Emona

of Blastia

TNMP 211

Jonathan David, together with some other authors (M. J. Vermaseren, Anna Sasel, Jaroslav Sasel), regards this person as a woman, Manfred Clauss maintains the very opposite. Both variants are allowable on the basis of linguistic and onomastic criteria. The inscription itself does not make it possible to solve this problem definitely. In view of the fact that also the number of attested dedications to Silvanus made by women is quite small, the bearer of this name was most likely a man.


Inscription to Mithras and Silvanus from Ljubljana

A certain Blastia or Blastianus made a dedication to Mithras and Silvanus on an altar in Emona, Pannonia.

TNMM 635

D(eo) i(invicto) M(ithrae) / Silvano Augusto / sac(rum). Blastia / C(-?-) E(-?-) B(-?-) [---].
Dedicated to the invincible god Mithra, to Silvanus Augustus. Blastia[---].




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