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Tauroctony of Târgușor

This limestone relief of Mithras killing the bull bears an inscription by a certain Flavius Horimos, consecrated in a 'secret forest' in Moesia.
Tauroctony of

Tauroctony of
Ortolf Harl 2012 

The New Mithraeum
26 Sep 2023
Updated on Oct 2023

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In 1958, the La Adam cave, located some thirty kilometres from the Black Sea coast near Târgușor in the province of Moesia Inferior, yielded a number of inscriptions and reliefs, including a set of four dedications in Greek by the same individual, Flavius Horimos, a freedman and administrator of the country estate of a certain Flavius Macedo.

In addition to several inscribed bases of poor quality, the steward, who was also Pater of Mithras, had given the god a well-crafted tauroctonic relief sculpted by a man called Phoibos, from Nicomedia in Bithynia. The dedication extends over three