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Flavios Horimos

Φλαουιος Ωριμος

Freedman and administrator of the country estate of a certain Flavius Macedo in Moesia.

  • Tauroctony of

    Tauroctony of
    Ortolf Harl 2012 

of Flavios Horimos

TNMP 217

In 1958, the La Adam cave, located some thirty kilometres from the Black Sea coast near Târgușor in the province of Moesia Inferior, yielded a number of inscriptions and reliefs, including a set of four dedications in Greek by the same individual, Flavius Horimos, a freedman and administrator of the country estate of a certain Flavius Macedo.

In addition to several inscribed bases of poor quality, the steward, who was also Pater of Mithras, had given the god a well-crafted tauroctonic relief sculpted by a man called Phoibos, from Nicomedia in Bithynia. The dedication extends over three beautifully engraved lines, inscribed beneath the relief. Another, shorter dedication, which mentions the religious title of the dedicator, has been engraved, in a much cruder manner, in the right-hand field of the relief, between the tauroctone and Cautopates.

The various Mithraic monuments on the site are made of local limestone. In three of his dedications, Horimos addresses the θεòς ἀνίκητος Mithra. It is unlikely that a mithraum was built in one of the rooms of this imposing cave, where no trace of one has been found despite numerous excavations. Instead, these various monuments from nearby sites must have been brought together at some point in the cave for safekeeping.


Tauroctony of Târgușor

This limestone relief of Mithras killing the bull bears an inscription by a certain Flavius Horimos, consecrated in a 'secret forest' in Moesia.

TNMM 641

Ὣριμος / πατὴ/ρ ἀνέ/θηκε/ν.
Φλ(άουιος) Ὣριμος Φλ(αουίου) Μακέδονος οἰκονόμος κατ᾽ ἐπιταγήν / θεῷ ἀνεικήτῳ Μίτρᾳ ἀνέθηκεν εἰς ἄλσος ἀπόκρυφον. / Ε᾽θφράτῃ εὔχεσθαι ἁγνῶς. Φοῖβος Νικομηδεὺς ἐποίει.
Horimos, Father, consecrated.
Flavius Horimos, steward of Flavius Macedo, by order, to the invincible god Mithras, consecrated, in a secret forest. Adore the Euphrates with piety. Phoibos of Nicomedia made (this monument).

Horimos, the ‘Father’, dedicated this.
Flavius Horimos, the supervisor of the estate of Flavius Makedon, dedicated this to the invincible god Mithras, upon (divine) command, for a secret grove. May you pray to Euphrates in a pure manner. Phoibos of Nikomedeia made this.




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