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Tauroctony of via di Borgo

This relief of Mithras Tauroctonos from Rome bears the inscription of three brothers, two of them lions.
Tauroctony of via di Borgo

Tauroctony of via di Borgo

The New Mithraeum
12 Oct 2023
Updated on Oct 2023

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Relief of travertine (H. 0.90 Br. 1.81 D. 0.11), found along the Via di Borgo S. Agata in 1862. Museo Capitolino, Inv. No. 1204.

Brunn in Bull. 1st. 1862, 150ff; C. L. Visconti in Ann. 1st. 1864, 177ff and PI. N; MMM II 199 No. 14 and fig. 24; Stuart Jones, Sculpt. Pal. Cons., Sc. V, 5 and PI. 101; Santangelo, Quirinale, 144. See fig. 105 with kind permission of our friend Dr C. Pietrangeli.

Mithras slaying the bull, whose tail is ending in ears. Round the bull’s body a band. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion on the usual places. Behind this scene a large tree, behind which a