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Together with two other brothers, he offered a relief of the tauroctony in Rome.

  • Tauroctony of via di Borgo

    Tauroctony of via di Borgo

of Guntha

TNMP 222

In the 3rd century Guntha and his companions Marcellinus and Placidus offered a relief of Mithras killing the sacred bull. Guntha and Marcellinus were lions, while we do not know about Placidus.

The workmanship of the relief, the names of the dedicators and the spelling sacrathis [sic] betray the servile and modest status of these men, who probably belonged to the same community.


Tauroctony of via di Borgo

This relief of Mithras Tauroctonos from Rome bears the inscription of three brothers, two of them lions.

TNMM 649

Deo sancto I(nvicto) M(ithrae) sacrathis (sic) d(onum) p(osuerunt) Placidus Marcellinus leo antis{ti}tes et Guntha leo.
To the holy unconquered Mithras (and) for the initiated devotees, Placidus Marcellinus leo and antistes and Guntha leo set up as a gift.

To the pure invincible god Mithras and his initiates, have placed this offering Placidus, Marcellinus, Leo (and) antistes, and Guntha, Leo.



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