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Inscriptions of Eauze

Several inscriptions to Mithras by a certain Pater Sextus Vervicius Eutyches were found in Eauze in 1768.
Plaque d’Eauze

Plaque d’Eauze

The New Mithraeum
12 Nov 2023

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CIL XIII 542; MMM II No. 507; CIL XIII 542; CAG-32, p 155; MithrasGaul 00004; Krier-1981 2; ILA-Elusa 4.

Deo invict(o) Sex(tus) Vervic(ius) / Eutyches / Vestiar(ius) civ(is) / trev(ir) pater.


MMM II No. 508.

V/ervi/cius Eutyc/hes palter.

CIL XIII 558; CAG-32, p 158; CIMRM 889; MithrasGaul 5; ILA-Elusa 14