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Altar of Tihaljina

This altar, discovered in Grude, near Tihaljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, bears an inscription by Pinnes, a soldier of the Cohors Prima Belgica.
Altar of Tihaljina

Altar of Tihaljina
Ubi Erat Lupa / Ortolf Harl 

The New Mithraeum
13 Nov 2023
Updated on Nov 2023

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This altar, found in Grude, near Tihaljina in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dates from the 2nd century AD, within the Antonine period. It bears an inscription dedicated to Mithras and the ’genii sacrorum Augustorum’ by a certain Pinnes, who served as ’immunis miles’ in the Cohors I Belgarum. The presence in Dalmatia of this cohort, composed mainly of ’peregrini’, underlines the integration of non-citizens in the Roman military.

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) a[c Ge]/niis sac[r(orum)] / Augusto[r(um)] / Rus(---) Pin(nes) mi/les / co(hortis) prim(ae) / Bel(garum) immunis / libens merito /