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Rus[ticus ?] Pinnes

He was a soldier of the Cohors I Belgarum, probably of Dalmatian origin, who dedicated an altar to Mithras in Aufustianis.

  • Altar of Tihaljina

    Altar of Tihaljina
    Ubi Erat Lupa / Ortolf Harl 

of Pinnes

TNMP 261

Pinnes, whose full praenomen remains unknown, is recorded on a 2nd century AD altar from Grude, near Tihaljina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As ’immunis miles’ in the Cohors I Belgarum, he was exempt from some standard military duties, possibly indicating a specialised role. Stationed in Dalmatia during the Antonine period, the Cohors I Belgarum mainly recruited ’peregrini’, non-citizens of Rome. Pinnes’ inscription, dedicated to Mithras, suggests his integration into the religious life of the Roman military. His name indicates a probable Dalmatian origin, reflecting the Roman army’s practice of recruiting from the local population.


Altar of Tihaljina

This altar, discovered in Grude, near Tihaljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, bears an inscription by Pinnes, a soldier of the Cohors Prima Belgica.

TNMM 754

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) a[c Ge]/niis sac[r(orum)] / Augusto[r(um)] / Rus(---) Pin(nes) mi/les / co(hortis) prim(ae) / Bel(garum) immunis / libens merito / posuit.
To the Unconquered God Mithras, [and to] the spirits of the sacred [emperors], Rusticus Pinnes, a soldier of the Cohors Prima Belgica, exempt from duties, willingly and deservedly set this up.



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