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Altar from Ain-Zana

This altar was dedicated by a certain Marcus Aurelius Decimus to Sol Mithras and other gods in Diana, Numibia, present Argelia.
Mithras altar from Ain-Zana

Mithras altar from Ain-Zana
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25 Jun 2024
Updated on Jul 2024

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Inscription on an altar, found at Ain-Zana.

CIL VIII 4578; MMM II No. 529.

lovi optimo / maximo luno/ni reginae Min/ervae sanctae / Soli Mithrae / Herculi Mar/ti Mercurio / genio loci di/is deabusque / omnibus M/arcus Aureli/us Decimus v(ir) p(erfectissimus) p(raeses) / p(rovinciae) N(umidiae) ex principe
pe/regrinorum / votum solvit.

M. Aurelius Decimus was a governor of Numidia in 283-284 A.D.

From the municipium of Dianae comes an altar 82 cm high and 47 cm wide: here is a dedication to a series of deities from the traditional Roman pantheon, such as Jupiter Optimus