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Mithräum von Saalburg

In the 1900s a model Mithraeum was built in Saalburg in the mistaken belief that there was an original temple of Mithras in an ancient Roman building.
15 Jun 2009
Updated on Aug 2023

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While there were many mithraea located at the forts on the Limes, there was not one at the Saalburg. A model mithraeum was built there at the time of the reconstruction of the Kastell Saalburg fort in the early 1900s, but this was done in the mistaken belief that the ruins of a building found near a Roman graveyard was a mithraeum.

However, the Saalburg Kastell's museum does have an excellent exhibit of Mithraic finds from other Roman forts along the Wetterau Limes, including several large tauroctonies. Presently, there is a large display of Mithraic artifacts and art at the museum

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