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Antiochus I shaking hands with Mithras

Antiochus I of Commagene shakes Mithras hands in this relief from the Nemrut Dagi temple.
16 Jun 2009

  • Carl Humann 


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Relief (H. 2.30 Br. 1.50 D. 0.42).

Humann-Puchstein, Reisen, 321ff and Pl. XXVIII, 2; MMM II l.c. with fig. 10; MM, Pl. I, 5; Cumont, Rel. Or., 133 fig. 9; RRR 1,195,2; DS, Dict. Ant., fig. 5083; Gressmann, Or. Rel., 143 fig. 53; Sarre, Kunst Pers., fig. 56; Saxl, fig. 5; Leipoldt, fig. 6 (see fig. 5).

Antiochus, in richly decorated attire with a tiara on his head, holds out his r.h. to Mithras. He carries a short dagger at his side and holds a sceptre in his l.h.

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