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Valerius Magio

Valerius was a discharged veteran was a worshipper of the Undefeated Mithras in Künzing.

  • Blade and other objects found in the Mithraeum of Künzing

    Blade and other objects found in the Mithraeum of Künzing
    R. Rossner 

  • Mithraic altar of Künzing

    Mithraic altar of Künzing
    Schmotz, 2000 

of Valerius Magio

TNMP 180

Inscriptions are almost entirely lacking in Künzing, but a small altar records an honourably discharged veteran ('missus honesta missione'), Valerius Magio, as a worshipper of the 'Undefeated Mithras' (Mithras Invictus).

Veterans, that is to say soldiers who had been discharged honourably with all attendant privileges and financial settlements, can occasionally be foud as dedicants in the record. Howsever, these instances mostly refer to legionary veterans and in few instances to alae or Roman city troop veterans. Ocasionally, as in Künzing, the honourable discharge – honesa missio – is mentioned, but that practice was widespread and not unique to this cult.

—Matthew Dillon, Christopher Matthew (2022) Religion & Classical Warfare: The Roman Empire


Altar with inscription of Künzing

This fragmented monument bears an inscription of a certain veteran named Valerius Magio.

TNMM 561

I(nvicto) M(ithrae)/V(alerius) Magio/vet(eranus) (h)on(esta) m(issione)/d(imissus) v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) l(aetus) m(erito).
To the unconquered Mithras Valerius Magio, veteran with honourable discharge, (has) fulfilled the vow gladly, with joy and according to merit.



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