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Publius Aelius Vocco

Soldier of the XXII Legio Primigenia Pia Fidelis stationed in Mainz that erected an altar to Mithras in Sumelocenna.

  • Votive altar of Rottenburg

    Votive altar of Rottenburg
    Landesmuseum Württemberg / Ortolf Harl (CC BY-SA) 

of Publius Aelius Vocco

TNMP 181

The donor of the Mithras altar probably belonged to the soldiers of the legion stationed in Mogontiacum, who were recruited from the local population and were on active service in their homeland.


Altar with Inscription to Mithras of Rottenburg

TNMM 562

This monument was erected by a certain Publius Aelius Vocco, a solider of the Legio XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis stationed in Mainz.

Invicto / Mithrae / P. Ael(ius) Voc/co mil(es) l(egionis) XXII / p(rimigeniae) p(iae) f(idelis) v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) l(aetus) / m(erito).
To Invictus Mithras Publius Aelius Vocco, soldier of the Legio XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis, gladly, willingly and deservedly fulfilled his vow.



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