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  • Syndexios

    Publius Aelius Vocco

    Soldier of the XXII Legio Primigenia Pia Fidelis stationed in Mainz that erected an altar to Mithras in Sumelocenna.
  • Locus


    Rottenburg am Neckar; until 10 July 1964 only Rottenburg; Swabian: Raodaburg is a medium-sized town in the administrative district of Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Rottenburg is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop, being the official centr
  • Monumentum

    Altar with Inscription to Mithras of Rottenburg

    This monument was erected by a certain Publius Aelius Vocco, a solider of the Legio XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis stationed in Mainz.

    TNMM562 – CIMRM 1308

    Invicto / Mithrae / P. Ael(ius) Voc/co mil(es) l(egionis) XXII / p(rimigeniae) p(iae) f(idelis) v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) l(aetus) / m(erito).