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  • Liber

    Mithras: Mysteries and Initiation Rediscovered (1996)

    Known as Mitra to the Indians, Mithra and Zarathustra (Zoroaster in Greek) to the Iranians, and Mithras to the Romans, this is the oldest of all living deities. Mithras was recognized as the greatest rival of Christianity, a greater threat even than the"F…
  • Notitia

    Del mitraísmo a la masonería. Una historia de las ideas

    Doce siglos separan el ocaso del mitraísmo romano del alba de la masonería. Doce siglos durante los cuales, los misterios de Mitra han permanecido más secretos que nunca.
  • Notitia

    From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas

    Twelve centuries separate the decline of Roman Mithraism from the dawn of Freemasonry. Twelve centuries during which the mysteries of Mithras have remained more secret than ever.
  • Liber

    Les Gathas. Le livre sublime de Zarathoustra (2011)

    Zarathoustra (ou Zoroastre) est le grand oublié de l'histoire des religions. Il a fallu attendre le XIXe siècle pour que soit enfin déchiffrée la langue des écrits originels de Zarathoustra, les Gathas. Le message de ces hymnes d'une grande poésie s…