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Heraclea Pontica e̝ˈraklia pontiˈke̝], known in Byzantine and later times as Pontoheraclea, was an ancient city on the coast of Bithynia in Asia Minor, at the mouth of the river Lycus.

Brothers active in Herclea


Mithraic monuments of Herclea


Inscription of Iulius Pyrrus

This inscription to Zeus Helios Mithras Serapis by a certain Ioulios Pyrros is now lost.

Inscriptions of Herclea

Διὶ Ἡλίῳ Μίθρᾳ Σέραπι Ἰούλιος Πύρρος εὐξάμενος ἀν(έθηκεν).
To Zeus Helios Mithras Serapis, Ioulios Pyrros made a vow of consecration.

Inscription of Iulius Pyrrus