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Guberevac is a village in the municipality of Sopot, Serbia.

Brothers active in Guberevac


Mithraic monuments of Guberevac


Inscription of Ision from Guberevac

In this monument, the imperial slave Ision claims the completion of a new temple to Mithras in Moesia.

CIMRM 2235

Inscriptions of Guberevac

Invicto deo / Ision Caes(aris) n(ostri) ser(vus) / vil(icus) vectigal(is) Il/lyr(ici) templ(um) omn(i) / re instruct(um) a / solo p(ecunia) s(ua) f(aciendum) c(uravit)
To the invincible god, Ision, a slave of our emperor and steward of the taxes of Illyricum, saw to it that the temple, complete with all its furnishings, was built from the ground up at his own expense.

Inscription of Ision from Guberevac