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Castellum Tidditanorum

Tiddis was a Roman city that depended on Cirta and a bishopric as Tiddi, which remains a Latin Catholic titular see. It was located on the territory of the current commune of Bni Hamden in the Constantine Province of eastern Algeria.

Mithraic monuments of Tiddis


Mithraeum of Tiddis

The Mithraeum was housed in a cave. The vault is almost dome-shaped and in front of the cave there is enough space for a possible adjacent temple.



Phallus relief from the Mithraeum of Tiddis

The phallus from Tiddis, Algeria, has been represented as a cock.

Inscriptions of Tiddis

I(nvicto) M(ithrae) cultore/s de suo a s/olo / (a)edifi[c]arun(t).

Mithraeum of Tiddis