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Mithras rock-birth of Mithraeum III, Ptuj

Cautes and Cautopates attend the birth of Mithras from the rock in the Petrogenia of the third Mithraeum of Ptuj.
Petrogenia del Mitreo III de Ptuj

Petrogenia del Mitreo III de Ptuj 

The New Mithraeum
23 May 2010
Updated on May 2023

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White marble stone (H. 0.74 Br. 0.51 D. 0.26) found near 6. Inv. No. 296.

The stone was given a rocky appearance and is concave at the back. On its front a very remarkable representation of Mithras's rockbirth. Cautes and Cautopates in Oriental dress assist Mithras at his rockbirth pulling him out by the arms. Mithras holds in his uplifted r.h. a knife and in his l.h. a torch. Above this scene a person in long hair and beard is reclining on the rock. The upper part of his body is naked. Beside him is a dagger (Saturnus). A Victoria flies towards him.

Abramic, 18lff No. 244 and fig.


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