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Altar of Vieu

This altar was dedicated by a son to his father, one of the few Patres Patrum recorded in the western provinces.
Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis

Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis
The New Mithraeum / Andreu Abuín (CC BY-SA) 

The New Mithraeum
29 Jan 2022

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Dei i(nvicti) M(ithrae) / patri patru/m G. Ru[f(io)] / Eutacto / C. R(ufius) Viri/lis fil(ius).

The same C. Rufius and his wife are mentioned in a sepulchral inscription.

CIL XIII 2540; MMM No. 494.


Six lines of a complete inscription, punctuated with seven ivy leaves (hederae), are carefully engraved on an altar from which only the front survives:

Dei i(nvicti) / M(ithrae) Patri Patru/m C(aio) Ru[t(io9] / Eutacto / C(aius) R(ufius) Viri/lis fil(ius).

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