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Caius Rufius Euctatus

Pater Patrum at Vieu (Valromey)

  • Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis

    Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis
    The New Mithraeum / Andreu Abuín (CC BY-NC-SA) 



Gaius Rufius Euctatus is one of the few Patres Patrum recorded in the western provinces. This title, honorific or hierarchical, is primarily known at Rome and Ostia, where it is notably borne by senators (viri clarissimi). It perhaps implies that its bearer held authority either over several sanctuaries or several Fathers at a single Mithraeum. The Father of Fathers at Vieu, Caius Rufius Euctatus, was a physician by profession, as is indicated by a double epitaph, dated to the 3rd century and found in the same urban area, that was inscribed at the initiative of his wife Caesiccia lanuaria, who, like him, was a Roman citizen.

His community
at Mithraeum de Valromey


Mentioned in

Altar of Vieu

This altar was dedicated by a son to his father, one of the few Patres Patrum recorded in the western provinces.

Dei i(nvicti) / M(ithrae) Patri Patru/m C(aio) Ru[t(io)] / Eutacto / C(aius) R(ufius) Viri/lis fil(ius).
Caius Rufius Virilis, his son, for Caius Rufius Euctatus, Pater Patrum of the invincible god Mithras.

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