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Altars found near Santa Maria in Monticelli

These three small marble altars mention the 'magister of the first year' Marcus Aemilius Chrysanthus and other members of the same community.
The New Mithraeum
30 Jan 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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Ara marmorea in domo quadam quae est a dextra vici Iudaeorum in platea vulgo di Branco paulo post palatium Cardinalis di Bologna.

Deo / invicto / Mithrae / C(aius) Lucretius Mnester / M(arcus) Aemilius Philetus / summag(istri) anni primi / M(arcus) Aemili Chrysanti / d(e) s(uo) d(onum) d(ederunt).

Left: ears; right: poppies.

This altar belongs to the same sanctuary as the following Nos 518-519.

CIL VI 734; 30822; MMM II No. 48.CIMRM 518Parva ara marmorea.

Orienti / Fructus Ponti (servus) / cum Myrone [f(ilio)] / sub M. Aemilio / Chrysantho / mag(istro) anni primi.