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Altar to Arimanius of the Esquilino

This altar mentioning the god Arimanius was found in 1655 at Porta San Giovanni, on the Esquilino.
The New Mithraeum
2 Feb 2022

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'Ara triangularis marmorea qua basis rotunda sustinetur.' Mus. Vaticano, Gall. Lap.

Inventa anno 1655 ad radices Esquiliarum.

On the base we see traces, where a statue had been attached. Furthermore the inscription:

D(eo) Arimanio / Agrestius v(ir) c(larissimus) / defensor / magister et / pater patrum / voti c(ompos) d(at).

CIL VI 47; MMM II No. 27.

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