Altar of Carnuntum by Sacidius Barbarus

This altar bears the oldest known Latin inscription to the god Mithras, written Mitrhe.
PublishedThe New Mithraeum
9 Feb 2022
Altar of Carnuntum

Altar of Carnuntum
Wien - Kunsthistorisches Museum / Gabrielle Kremer


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Marble altar (H. 0.95 Br. 0.47-0.57 D. 0.49), found in Deutsch Altenburg on the banks of the Danube 'von der Waltenkirchenschen Schweizerhütte.' Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum. Inv. No. III, 35.

L.H. 0.03-0.045.

Invicto Mitrhe (sic!) / C. Sacidius Ba/rbarus [c(enturio)] leg(ionis) / XV Apol[linar(is)] / ex voto ....

CIL III 4418; MMM II No. 378; Betz in JOAI 29, 1935 (Beibl.) 308 No. 248; Vorbeck, No. 139.

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Mithraeum of Carnuntum I

According to the scarcely detailed design of von Sacken, the lay-out of the temple must have been nearly semi-circular.


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