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Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri

This inscription by a certain Memmius Placidus is the first ever found signed by a Heliodromus.
Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri

Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri
F. Massa 

The New Mithraeum
12 Feb 2022
Updated on Nov 2023

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[This monument] comes from Ceri, a hamlet of the municipality of Cerveteri, whose name can be clearly read on the first preserved line; it was catalogued by Gasperini in 2006 at the Panunzi house and is still located in the porch of the garden. It is a monolithic block of compact yellowish-coloured fossiliferous sandstone (92 x 58 x 59 cm), mutilated in the upper part and lacking the crowning: it is composed, from bottom to top, of a 19.5 cm high plinth with an almost square base (58 x 59 cm), a high groove (10.2 cm) and a central dado (40 x 39 cm), severely damaged in the front part and