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Memmius Placidus

He dedicated the first inscription found by naming himself with the sixth grade of the Mysteries of Mithras.

  • Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri

    Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri
    F. Massa 

of Memmius Placidus

TNMP 143

On the basis of the letters preserved and the space available on the stone (equal to three letters) one could think indifferently of Mammius, Memmius, Mummius, Nummius, Remmius, all attested in the area, but the existence in Caere of properties belonging to the gens Memmia, documented since 39 BC by two servants of a L. Memmius, in whom chronology would lead us to recognise the praefectus of the seventh and twenty-sixth legions in charge of the distribution of land in the ager of Luca in the triumviral age, at the current state of knowledge makes the dissolution Memmius proposed in the facsimile seem plausible.

There seems to be no room [on the cippo] for a praenomen of Memmius, an absence that seems supported by the onomastics of the character that follows below, the pater Curtius Iuvenalis. Of these we can observe the family name Curtius, which in the regio VII is documented in the nearby Forum Clodii and Sutrium, and, proceeding northwards, in Falerii, Tarquinii, Forum Cassii, Volsinii, up to the longest Luna.

—Antolini 2017.


Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri

TNMM 512

This inscription by a certain Memmius Placidus is the first ever found signed by a Heliodromus.

(Mem)mius Placidus Heliodromus sacratus a Curtio Iuvenale Patre.
Memmius Placidus, Heliodromus, initiated by Curius Iuvenalis, Pater.



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