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Curius Iuvenalis

Pater Curius Iuvenalis is attested in the first known monument dedicated by a Heliodromus.

  • Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri

    Mithraic inscription from Cerveteri
    F. Massa 

of Curius Iuvenalis

TNMP 144

There seems to be no room [on the cippo] for a praenomen of Memmius, an absence that seems supported by the onomastics of the character that follows below, the pater Curtius Iuvenalis. Of these we can observe the family name Curtius, which in the regio VII is documented in the nearby Forum Clodii and Sutrium, and, proceeding northwards, in Falerii, Tarquinii, Forum Cassii, Volsinii, up to the longest Luna.

—Antolini 2017.



Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri

TNMM 512

This inscription by a certain Memmius Placidus is the first ever found signed by a Heliodromus.

[Deo Soli Invic]/[to Mi]thrae / [Mem]mius Pla/cidus helio/dromus sacr/atus a Curtio / Iuvenale patre / votum [solvit] / [libens merito].
To the Invincible Sun God Mithras, Memmius Placidus, Heliodromus, initiated by Curtius Juvenalis, Pater, fulfilled his vow willingly and deservedly.



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