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Altars of two Clarissimi in the Phrygianum of the Vatican

Both of them were discovered in 1609 in the foundations of the façade of the church of San Pietro, Rome.
CIL VI 504

CIL VI 504

The New Mithraeum
20 Sep 2023

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Two altars, found when digging for the foundations of the facade of S. Pietro's in 1609.

CIL VI 500; MMM II No. 19.

M(atri) d(eum) m(agnae) I(deae) / et Attidi meno/tyranno conser/vatoribus suis Cae/lius Hilarianus v(ir) c(larissimus) / duodecimbyr (sic!) / urbis Romae / p(ater) s(acrorum) et hieroceryx / i(nvicti) M(ithrae) s(acerdos) d(ei) L(iberi) / s(acerdos) d(eae) / Hecate / d(omino) n(ostro) Gratiano aug(usto) / et Merobaude / cons(ulibus) III idus / maias.

377 A.D.


CIL VI 504; MMM II No. 20.

Dis magnis / Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus / v(ir) c(larissimus)