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Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus

  • CIL VI 504

    CIL VI 504

of Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus

  • Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus was a brother.
  • Active c. 377 in Roma, Latium (Italia).


Altars of two Clarissimi in the Phrygianum of the Vatican

Both of them were discovered in 1609 in the foundations of the façade of the church of San Pietro, Rome.

TNMM 620

M(atri) d(eum) m(agnae) I(deae) / et Attidi meno/tyranno conser/vatoribus suis Cae/lius Hilarianus v(ir) c(larissimus) / duodecimbyr (sic!) / urbis Romae / p(ater) s(acrorum) et hieroceryx / i(nvicti) M(ithrae) s(acerdos) d(ei) L(iberi) / s(acerdos) d(eae) / Hecate / d(omino) n(ostro) Gratiano aug(usto) / et Merobaude / cons(ulibus) III idus / maias.

Dis magnis /Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus / v(ir) c(larissimus) augur pub(licus) p(opuli) r(omani) q(uiritium) pater et hieroceryx d(ei) s(olis) i(nvicti) M(ithrae) / archibucolus dei Liberi / hierofanta Hecatae sa/cerdos Isidis percepto / taurobolio criobolioq(ue) / idibus augustis d(ominis) n(ostris) / Valente Aug(usto) V et Valentinia/no Aug(usto) co(n)s(ulibus) feliciter /
Vota Faventinus bis deni suscipit orbis
Ut mactet repetens aurata fronte bicornes.
To the great gods, Ulpius Egnatius Faventinus, clarissimus, public augur of the Roman people of the Quirites, sacred father and herald of the god Sol invincible Mithra, arch-herald of the god Liber, hierophant of Hecate, priest of Isis, having received the taurobolus and criobolus at the ides of August under the consulship of our lords Valens Augustus, consul for the fifth time, and Valentinian Augustus. Faventinus expresses the wish to have the good fortune to be able, in a period of twice ten (years), to renew the sacrifice of the two-horned animals with the golden forehead.

To the great Mother of the gods of Ida and to Attis, arbiter of the seasons, her protectors, Caelius Hilarianus, clarissimo, duodecemvir of the city of Rome, Father of the rites and sacred herald of the invincible Mithra, priest of the god Liber, priest of the goddess Hecate, under the consulship of our lord Gratian Augustus and Merobaude, on the third day before the ides of May.



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