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Tauroctony of Euthices from Apulum

This marble relief of Mithras killing the bull was made by a freedman who dedicated it to his old masters.
Tauroctony relief of Apulum (Alba Iulia)

Tauroctony relief of Apulum (Alba Iulia)

The New Mithraeum
25 Sep 2023

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Relief in marble (H. 0.625 Br. 0.63 D. 0.08-0.06) found at Alba Julia in Mures Port together with the following monument in the 18th century. Sibiu (= Nagy Szeben = Hermannstadt), Museum Brukenthal (Inv. No. 7162). I am highly indebted to Mr. N. Lupu, Director of the Museum, for his permission to take photographs.

The relief is divided into three parts by horizontal rims. In the centre Mithras slaying the bull which wears a belt. The dog, snake and scorpion. The raven perches on the god's cloak. Below the cloak an indistinct object. Both torchbearers are in Oriental dress and cross-legged.

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